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A Truly Local Digital Marketing Agency Focused on Results, Not Hocus Pocus

We OBSESS over your online presence, so you don't have to.

AdvantEdge Local team reviewing digital marketing results

ROI-Focused Marketing Solutions That Are Heavy on Results and Light on Fluff

We LOVE winning with our customers.  We don’t take a “fire and forget” approach to your marketing and we don’t focus on vanity metrics.  We prioritize all of our efforts around 1 thing – growing your business through digital marketing with actual customers, profitably.


We build and optimize end-to-end customer journeys and sales funnels for your unique value propositions to drive conversions (prospective customer actions that turn into leads, then customers).  And we know the world around us continues to evolve, so we relentlessly focus on improving those results week after week, for the long-term.

Why AdvantEdge Local?

We’ve been where you are.  Our founder has extensive experience starting and running his own home services business.  He’s hired marketing companies with little or no return to show for it.  So he started his own marketing agency to support his business by cutting out unnecessary spend and zeroing in on exactly the things that got him found and converted leads into customers…profitably.


We bring that same methodology to every one of our partnerships with our customers.  No frills, no fluff.  Just transparency, expertise and results.


On average, our customers see a 400-600% return on our campaigns long-term.

Why Do You Need an Agency That Specializes in Local Search Marketing?

The first page of Google is precious real estate and is comprised of PPC ads (Pay Per Click), local map pack (Google Business Profile) and organic website results (SEO and Local SEO).  What’s more is no 2 prospective customers will search exactly the same way and Google customizes the results it returns to each user, based on their search patterns and interests.


It’s estimated that over 46% of all consumer search now has local intent.  Yet, 58% of companies don’t focus at all on local search optimization to get found by those customers.  The remaining 42% of companies are and these are your competitors taking marketshare.  Consumer search behavior continues to evolve as technology and choices improve, all while Google updates its algorithm and ranking factors (there are over 200) thousands of times a year.


Simply put, word of mouth isn’t enough anymore and the search landscape is increasingly complex and competitive.  It takes a lot of time and expertise to stay up-to-date, navigate these constantly changing factors and, most importantly, win.  Having the right marketing partner is critical.

An infographic of the first page of Google that explains why businesses need an agency that specializes in local search marketing
Team members from AdvantEdge Local white boarding strategy for a customer

Our Approach

(Hint: We’re Built Differently)

We work to understand your business and your customers deeply, right from the beginning.  We align our efforts around reaching your target audience to grow your business.  


We don’t take more than one customer in a geographic area and niche because we’re committed to your success and put everything into helping you WIN.

Your satisfaction is our promise.  We don’t take on a new customer unless we’re confident we can generate a return for them and we don’t believe lengthy contracts serve either of us well.


Some elements of marketing (i.e. SEO) do take time to fully pay for themselves but we’re confident we’ll demonstrate value for our customers every step of the way.

After we evaluate your online presence and complete intake / discovery with you, we conduct exhaustive market research to understand your customers, understand the competitive landscape and establish a plan to generate leads and sales.


We use modern tracking and reporting to analyze and review our progress with you regularly to keep us both on track.  We make adjustments as needed based on your feedback and other market trends we see.  We proactively look for changes in market conditions and partner with you on the best way to combat them.

There are no shortcuts in SEO and where some companies are willing to break the rules for short-term gain, those choices can get you penalized or even banned down the road, negatively impacting your business.  Google and other platforms control the rules and make thousands of updates to their algorithms a year. 


We use best practices, stay up-to-date on what’s changing throughout the search ecosystem and have proven methodologies for getting results without compromising on integrity.

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