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Best Professional Video Production, Photo Production and Media Graphics for All of Your Local Business's Marketing Needs

Need High Quality Video or Photo Assets for Your Business?

An AdvantEdge Local team member editing photo and video assets

We have full in-house production capabilities to help you stand out above the competition with professionally produced content for:

    • Your Website
    • Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Social Media
    • Google Business Profile
    • Email Marketing
    • Corporate Events
    • Internal Corporate Needs
    • And Many Others!

Professionally Produced Content Makes a Difference

Your audience knows when it sees content that matches what the largest brands produce and they draw conclusions about how you must operate your business from what they see.


Having media that looks good, feels good and has a strong and compelling message makes you stand out encourages your audience to do business with you.

A chess board with a queen piece standing and the opposing king piece lying down

We already start by understanding your business and goals in everything we do, right from the beginning.  And media production is an important component of your marketing copy and brand identity.  So we’re right at home and excel at the entire process, from development to post-production.


Because we look at the bigger picture and manage end-to-end marketing campaigns for our customers, we put all of our media production through the same lens to:

  • Understand how the content will be used and establish goals for it
  • Ensure content and formatting is aligned to the right platforms
  • Establish your audiences across the platforms where it’s intended to be used
  • Capture the emotions we want to evoke from those audiences and the actions we want them to take as part of the organic and or paid ad campaigns
  • Craft an effective storytelling plan for your media, from start to finish
  • Plan and schedule shooting to make the most of your (and your team’s) time while meticulously capturing every detail we can to showcase your business’s value proposition.  We believe in efficiency and can often capture footage for use in multiple campaigns in just one or a couple of shoots, when properly planned.
  • Deliver final media products to you that everyone will be talking about
Behind the scenes of an AdvantEdge Local video production for a local business owner

Video Production

If a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, How Many is a Video Worth?

Well, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.


With more and more video being produced across all media channels, it’s critical that video is an integrated part of your strategy.  We produce high quality videos that drive engagement with your audience and help you achieve your goals!

An AdvantEdge Local camera behind the scenes of a photo shoot

Photo Production

A Picture is Still Worth a Thousand Words

Photos are still an essential element of your brand experience across all organic and paid channels.  So having high quality photos as a part of your content strategy is absolutely essential. 


We’ll help you curate and capture all of the right moments as part of your overall content strategy so they are brand-aligned and compelling for your customers.

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