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Local Search Engine Optimization for Your Website Alone Isn't Enough

Reach Your Target Audience with Compelling Marketing that Works Together Across the Most Important Platforms and Actually Gets Results

We Make Your Website Work with Your Google Business Profile, Other Listings and Paid Ads to Generate Qualified Leads That Convert Into Customers...Profitably

We start by working with you to understand your business and customers deeply, right from the start. 


We then build and optimize the entire customer journey across the most important elements of your digital presence to get you found and selected over your competitors by real prospective customers in the communities you serve.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization and Why do You Need It?

National SEO is generally a focus on ranking for keywords without regard for a specific location or geographic area.  It’s very difficult to rank for, especially for small to medium-sized business and even harder for businesses that are just starting out.  Larger corporations and franchises generally have more substantial resources for marketing on a national scale, have been established for much longer and dominate the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

AdvantEdge Local workspace with a keyboard and multiple local search engine marketing terms

Local SEO is focused on optimizing for the most important keywords to your business PLUS the most important geographic areas you serve or attract customers from.  This includes terms like “best plumbers near me” and “plumbers in (insert city, zip or geographic area]”.  And this is where small to medium-sized businesses that have the right marketing partner can and do have great success in not only being visible in the top search results, but compete and rank in the top spots in search results.  And then we optimize the rest of the journey to convert visitors into leads and ultimately customers.

Website Optimization

We'll optimize your existing WordPress website or build you a brand new website, optimized from the ground, up.

Website Optimization

We'll optimize your existing WordPress website or build you a brand new website, optimized from the ground, up.

A custom graphic from AdvantEdge Local that shows Google's E-E-A-T in 4 circles with Expertise Experience Authoritativeness and Trust in the center

We Use Google's Quality Guidelines, E-E-A-T, to Guide All of Our Efforts

A website’s owners, contributors, content and the overall experience for its users are critically important to being able to rank consistently.


Google has made it clear that quality rules and we always choose quality over quantity.

On-Page Optimization

AdvantEdge Local team whiteboarding the optimization of a website

Keyword and Content Strategy

After we complete discovery sessions with you and establish a deep understanding of your business and customer, we’ll conduct extensive keyword research with the best industry tools to understand exactly how your customers search, what search terms and variants they use, and who your biggest competitors are.


Once equipped with the market intelligence we need, we’ll:

  • Determine content hierarchy and location strategies
  • Establish the best URL structure and naming conventions for your entire site
  • Align content with topical relevance to your target audience
  • Develop copy built to CONVERT

Compelling Content Paired with Strong Calls to Action

Our goal is to bring you qualified leads through a great experience on your site.

We’ll pair compelling content (that matches what you offer) with prominent Calls to Action (CTAs) placed throughout your site, so that as users navigate it and consider your services, you have the best chance of converting them into a lead.


UIUser Interface is the overall look and feel of your site.  This is comprised of color palettes, text, font choices, buttons, etc.


UXUser Experience determines how UI works and how your users interact with your site.  We follow best practice to make sure your site functions the way today’s users expect it to.  


Users will leave your site as quickly as they found it, if it’s too difficult to find their way around.


We ensure our designs are intuitive for your users, so they can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.  As they navigate your site, we ensure they can get back to where they just were as easily as they navigate forward to other pages and sections of your site.

Responsive Design

Today’s websites should seamlessly scale up and down for all device types, from the largest desktops to tablets to mobile devices.


We take a mobile-first design approach and all of our designs are 100% responsive to ensure your site looks great and functions the same way, no matter what device your users have.

A picture of a speedometer next to a section describing website speed optimization

Website Speed

In today’s society, everyone is on the internet and users expect webpages to load quickly.  They’ll then move quickly to determine if your site has what they’re looking for or they’ll leave.  And if they’re on a mobile device (over 60% of search now is), they expect it to load even faster.


We take a modern design approach to keep the content on your site lightweight and optimized for speed.  This includes:

  • Minimizing code and plugins
  • Minimizing animations and video
  • Optimizing images in modern formats and right-sizing them for the exact size needed
  • Using fast, high availability servers to host and maintain your site

Schema Markup

Schema is an essential ingredient for helping Google understand your website and how to crawl it.  Its key benefits include:

  • Expanded, relevant results in the SERPs that give you an edge and help you stand out
  • Parity with your Google Business Profile that will improve ranking in the map pack and help match your GBP with your website and its content

We’ll install the appropriate schema on each page of your website (where applicable) and mark it up correctly.


Metadata is the first signal to Google and your users, telling them what your website and pages are about.


We align your site’s metadata to each page’s content as part of the broader keyword strategy to increase the chances of ranking for focus keywords.

Social Proof

What your customers have to say about you means a lot to new prospective customers.  They want to know how you’re rated and they want to see what others’ experiences have been using your services.


We’ll build an automated process for you to collect reviews from your customers after every transaction.  We’ll also highlight reviews in prominent locations throughout your website to let your reputation make a strong impression and help convert visitors into leads, without them having to do extra work to go out and research you on their own.

Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages, or pages where users first enter your site, make the first and most important impression on your visitors.  They determine everything about whether a user chooses to stay and explore further or bounce.


In organic search, they also determine whether or not you rank to begin with.  So the content of these pages is critically important to your success.

We carefully craft each page as part of a larger content and location strategy to get you ranked for the keyword and, where applicable, location you service.


Blogs are a great way to gain visibility to your brand and services through traditional organic search and can be expanded by distributing blogs through additional channels.


If blogs makes sense for your business and goals and quality and consistency can be maintained, we’ll craft a content and distribution strategy as part of our SEO efforts.

Image Optimization

Images not only have an impact on your site’s speed, but they play an important role in ranking your pages.  Google is getting better at recognizing content in images themselves, but the data contained in the images has always been a ranking factor.


From their embedded EXIF data to their naming conventions and where they are located relative to your focus keywords, we’ll optimize them to be lightweight and fit with our overall content and keyword strategy.

AdvantEdge Local team member analyzing images in a camera for website image optimization

Off-Page Optimization


Backlinks are where other websites link to your site.  This is a ranking factor that has changed in the way Google weights it over the years, but is still important to your website’s overall authority and trust.  When other trustworthy sites in or adjacent to your industry point their visitors to your content, it signals Google that you have quality content and are also trustworthy.


We will develop and implement an ongoing strategy to acquire quality links from sites relevant to your industry and through 100% white hat methods.  We don’t believe in vanity metrics and we won’t acquire links just to check a box.  We only approve them when they fit your brand’s needs and our high standards.

Site Security

Google won’t rank sites that have or are vulnerable to malware or excessive spam.  We’ll ensure you have standard security measures in place including:

  • SSL certificate
  • Spam prevention tools
  • Daily backups, when you are hosted with us

Press Releases

Press Releases can be a very effective tool when used correctly to gain traffic, visibility and give new content a boost.


We’ll employ press releases as needed, when they can add value.

Analytics Tools

We use industry tools to measure our progress together and improve it over time.  After all, we’re an ROI-focused agency that is your business partner first.

As a result, we use tools to track user activity, measure conversions, capture lead data and understand user behavior on each page of your website measure, analyze and continuously improve our results.


Some of the tools we use include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Agency Reporting Tools with Customer Dashboards
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Heatmaps
  • CRM (yours or we provide one)

Google Business Profile

(Formerly Google My Business)

Google Business Profile Optimization

(Formerly Google My Business)

Your Google Business Profile Should be a Weapon

There’s no greater tool for local businesses to rank in search than your Google Business Profile.  It can take awhile to rank your website on the first page of Google.  But Your Google Business Profile can start ranking right away, when done properly!


But here’s the thing…it has to to be optimized and nurtured, just like your website or social media presence.  We’ll get your listing optimized correctly and work with you to ensure you’re driving engagement with users on a daily and weekly basis.

Ranking on Google's Map Pack is Our Priority

This is the snapshot Google shows for local businesses on the first page of results.  And space is limited…really limited.  Google typically only shows 3 businesses.


So our focus is to get you ranked for as many keywords as possible in that Map Pack, because the percentage of users that will click through to show additional businesses is much lower than those that will select one from the Map Pack.

Listing Optimization

What your GBP (Google Business Profile) says about your business is crucial to your success.  Completely filling out your listing with optimized content helps to determine when, where and how you rank in Google’s Map Pack when users are searching.


We’ll ensure everything from your business name to your services and FAQs are filled out to get you found.

Screenshot of the first page of search results that shows Google's Local Map Pack

Synergy with Your Website

Google compares the authority and content of your website with that of your GBP to not only rank you, but also show relevant results that help you stand out.


We’re experts in making sure that your GBP’s content works together with your website’s content and constantly work to ensure that you have the best chance of matching users’ search intent from the beginning by making sure that keyword strategy and structure for both are aligned.

Local Business Citations

Where your business is listed on the web (think of this as the Yellow Pages of the internet) and the consistency of those listings matters to Google when determining whether to rank you in the Map Pack or not.  Your business’s Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP) need to be identical in each and every listing in order to raise trust.


We’ll get your business listed in all of the major directories and ensure they stay up-to-date.

Schema Markup

Remember where we talked about Schema for your website above?  Well, local business and other schema is another key element to tying your GBP to your website in the eyes of Google.


We’ll make sure your site is properly marked up to match it to your GBP.

A business owner recording content for posting to their Google Business Profile

Images, Videos and Posting Matter

Your GBP should be treated like your social media pages.  The quality and frequency of images, video and posts are very important for ranking.


We’ll help you with everything from best practices on taking and uploading images to what content to post and how often to do it.

Review Management

Of course your reputation matters!  And everyone wants 5-star reviews.  But, did you know that there are several critical factors to the role reviews play in your rankings?  Some of those factors include:

  • The number of total reviews you have
  • How often you receive new reviews (review velocity)
  • Who provides that review (i.e.  local guides have more weight)
  • What the reviewer says in their comments and if they include keywords we’re trying to rank for
  • How quickly and consistently your business responds to reviews


Many of us can also be bashful or inconsistent about asking customers for reviews, let alone following up on our requests.  Additionally, it’s easy to just leave it up to the customer to choose where to review us (our website, social media or elsewhere).  But reviews are so important to your ranking success!


We’ll help you automate this process with our review management platform, which includes a system for sending the requests, pointing them directly to your GBP, templates for how to ask for reviews, following up on requests and more.  

Remember...There's No Silver Bullet for Ranking...

But Having the Right Business Partner is Your Strategic

The search landscape is constantly changing and so is your local competitive landscape.  Google is constantly updating its algorithm and with over 200 ranking factors changing regularly, there’s no way to predict or guarantee a precise result any given day.


But our deep experience in business and digital marketing, along with our focus on results and continuous improvement set us apart as a provider and ensure that we can consistently deliver results that matter to your business for the long run.

Did We Mention We Love Winning With Our Customers?

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