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Best Local Pay Per Click Management Agency That Gets Results, Profitably

Take the guess work out of paid ads. Let our agency fully manage your ad spend and start seeing your ads convert like crazy!

PPC Ads Drive Incremental Sales and Get Results Fast!

When done properly, Pay Per Click Ads can generally be stood up in weeks and can be profitable within a couple of months.  Whereas Local SEO is the long game, takes more time to organically rank and takes constant nurturing to continue ranking.


When used together, they’re a powerful way of dominating search results and showcasing your services, directly in front of customers who need them.

That's why you need the right marketing partner

An AdvantEdge Local team member placing a wooden block with a dollar sign on top of other wooden blocks with dollar signs as a metaphor for PPC campaigns being optimized and making money

Anyone Can Run Ads and Get Clicks

...But It Takes Deep Expertise to Build and Optimize PPC Campaigns That Work Together and CONVERT Profitably.

We Cover Every Aspect of Your Sales Funnels to Surround Prospects with What You Have to Offer, No Matter Where They Are In the Process of Becoming a Customer

A custom graphic from AdvantEdge Local that shows a modern sales funnel

From completely cold prospects to those that already know you or your service, we tailor every aspect of your PPC campaigns to:

  • Get and keep their attention
  • Highlight your unique value proposition and how they can benefit from it
  • Get them to click through to custom landing pages we build
  • Give them compelling reasons to convert and become a lead
  • Retarget them with subsequent ads on the platforms they use most frequently, as they’re considering you and warming up to your services

Our Approach

A desk with multiple documents including a marketing strategy document for our approach to PPC management

Keyword Research and Strategy

After we complete discovery sessions with you and establish a deep understanding of your business and customer, we’ll conduct extensive keyword research with the best industry tools to understand exactly how your customers search, what search terms and variants they use, and who your biggest competitors are.


Once equipped with the market intelligence we need, we’ll:

  • Build your customer avatar to guide us
  • Outline search, social media and retargeting campaign strategy
  • Establish budgets and campaign goals

Audiences and Targeting

Audience segmentation is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not a campaign can be profitable and scale.


We’ll segment your campaigns right from the start to start measuring how your audiences are responding to them and adjust as needed, as we go along.

Compelling Ad Copy

Ever see a picture of a hamburger and all of a sudden, you want one (or insert your favorite food here)?  Well, the same art and science applies to the content in PPC ads.  From pictures or video, to the titles, descriptions and links in your ads, they all matter.  


We’ll develop compelling ad copy (the content inside the ad that the customer initially sees) for each element of your campaigns and ensure it’s aligned with your brand and goals.  They’ll want to click and learn more about what you have to offer!

Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages, or pages where users go after clicking on your ad, make the second impression on them after seeing your ad.  They determine everything about whether a user chooses to stay and explore further or bounce.  So the content of these pages is critically important to your success.


We carefully craft each page to match and expand upon what we introduce in your ads.  Here, we want the strongest chance they’ll convert as a lead or at least continue considering you after they leave.


We can do this through your existing website or through our own landing page service, customized for you.

Social Proof

What your customers have to say about you means a lot to new prospective customers.  They want to know how you’re rated and they want to see what others’ experiences have been using your services.


We’ll highlight reviews in prominent locations throughout your campaigns to let your reputation make a strong impression and help convert visitors into leads, without them having to do extra work to go out and research you on their own.

A target with an arrow in the bullseye as a metaphor for our local retargeting approach in PPC campaigns


Did you know that in the 1930s, a study was conducted that concluded it took a consumer at least 7 times seeing an advertisement to consider purchasing?  There haven’t been any recent studies to establish what that would look like today.  But with today’s information availability, experts estimate it is substantially more.


So we use retargeting ads to surround prospects with subsequent impressions of your business to complement the initial ads we show them.  This way, as they consider your services with your competitors, you remain front and center and we have every opportunity to show how you differentiate yourself and why they should choose you.


It works and this is another tool we use to give you an edge over your competition.

Test and Learn

Even with all of the technology available to us today, it still doesn’t give us a silver bullet for predicting EXACTLY how any one campaign will perform when we first launch it.


So we use the next best thing by combining A/B testing with tracking and analytics to tell us exactly how campaigns are performing and where to make changes.  


From analytics and reporting tools to heat maps on your landing pages that tell us exactly where users click, scroll and stay or go, we’ll be monitoring campaigns to gather the data we need to ramp them up quickly.


This is referred to as the learning phase and can typically take a few weeks to a couple of months, depending upon the complexity of the campaign.  We typically recommend smaller budgets here to gain just enough data to make adjustments, confirm the new results are what we expect and then start scaling your campaigns.

AdvantEdge Local team reviewing results of a PPC campaign to improve it

Continuous Improvement

Did we mention we LOVE winning with our customers?


Continuous improvement is at the core of what we do.  A big part of our promise is that we’ll be looking at every aspect of your campaigns every week and take an active role in identifying successes and opportunities for you.  We look at our PPC campaigns holistically with our Local SEO efforts to identify where we can grow and improve both together.


With paid ads, we gain significantly better market data on your competitive environment and often see trends in the market and with competitors long before you’ll hear about them on your own.  We love being able to share those with you and, more importantly, work with you to determine what actions we can take together to WIN!

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