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We're ROI-Focused for a Reason

A portrait photo of David Flowers - Owner of AdvantEdge LocalHi, my name is David Flowers and I’m the founder of AdvantEdge Local.  I’m a US Army Veteran and I spent over 20 years in retail operations, responsible for my own P&L on a very large national scale.  I’m a certified black belt in Six Sigma and continuous improvement is at the heart of what I do.


In 2019, I decided to open my own local service business.  I knew what a great customer experience looked like.  As an operator, I knew I could handle the day-in and day-out execution for my own small business and needed to focus on that…so I hired a marketing agency to handle all of the ins and outs of marketing for me. 


That included my website, SEO, Google Business Profile, paid ads and whole host of other media buys.  I knew marketing was essential for my business and I invested a lot of money in it.  Especially in the beginning.  We were not only building a brand new business in our community where no one had heard of us before, but we were breaking into a completely new service concept for that community, as well.


A photo of David Flowers, owner of AdvantEdge Local, working in his home services business

I expected an eventual return on the money I invested.  But month after month, I had almost nothing to show for it. 


So after my business was stable enough in operations, I took my marketing in-house and built it from the ground, up.  I re-built my website, started working on SEO, ran our social media, managed our paid ads and began producing all of our video and photo production.  All while learning best practice from the industry.


I had one goal – produce compelling content across all channels and make it profitable.  I wanted to win marketshare from the local competition and compete every day to be seen before them when customers were searching for what we offered. 


These were big national brands and I was just a local brand of my own making, trying to compete.  It was choppy in the beginning, but soon I started achieving small victories with individual campaigns and eventually weeded out wasteful spending and built up the most profitable marketing mechanisms.


Before long, what started out of pure need and determination, became a center of excellence for truly local marketing.  In talking with other small business owners, they all had similar struggles with finding any marketing partner, let alone an agency that could help them where they really needed it.


I saw a huge gap in the marketplace and realized I could share my skills and experience by taking my service business’s in-house “agency” and forming a full-time agency to help other business owners.  And that’s how AdvantEdge Local was born.


That’s why we’re not only built differently, but we’ll stay true to our founding values and always ensure that we’re making a difference and adding value for you for the long haul.


Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us and what we offer.  I look forward to an opportunity to get to know more about your business and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Approach

We work to understand your business and your customers deeply, right from the beginning.  We align our efforts around reaching your target audience to grow your business.  


We don’t take more than one customer in a geographic area and niche because we’re committed to your success and put everything into helping you WIN.

Your satisfaction is our promise.  We don’t take on a new customer unless we’re confident we can generate a return for them and we don’t believe lengthy contracts serve either of us well.


Some elements of marketing (i.e. SEO) do take time to fully pay for themselves but we’re confident we’ll demonstrate value for our customers every step of the way.

After we evaluate your online presence and complete intake / discovery with you, we conduct exhaustive market research to understand your customers, understand the competitive landscape and establish a plan to generate leads and sales.


We use modern tracking and reporting to analyze and review our progress with you regularly to keep us both on track.  We make adjustments as needed based on your feedback and other market trends we see.  We proactively look for changes in market conditions and partner with you on the best way to combat them.

There are no shortcuts in SEO and where some companies are willing to break the rules for short-term gain, those choices can get you penalized or even banned down the road, negatively impacting your business.  Google and other platforms control the rules and make thousands of updates to their algorithms a year. 


We use best practices, stay up-to-date on what’s changing throughout the search ecosystem and have proven methodologies for getting results without compromising on integrity.

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